“Scener i ett flöde” at Stockholms auktionsverk

A unique collection of paintings by Ilona Popermajer will now be sold at auction.

The project “Scener i ett flöde” was presented on stage at several respected venues in 2010, after almost two years of planning and preparation. This project was all about multicultural and border-crossing collaborations resulting in the creation of new paintings, new music, and improvised stage performances.

The well-known suite of ten piano pieces “Pictures at an exhibition”, composed in 1874 by Modest Mussorgsky, was inspired by works of art by Viktor Hartmann. Over the years, this popular work have been arranged, orchestrated, and adapted for the stage on numerous occasions. Inspired by the original “Pictures at an exhibition”, Ilona Popermajer made ten paintings and new music for these was composed in collaboration with the band Neurobash. An impressive list of performers was then recruited to create improvised and border-crossing stage performances.

Now, all ten paintings by Ilona Popermajer will be sold in five lots at Stockholms auktionsverk, together with project documentation, the performance poster, and a CD with recordings of the music created for the paintings. The auctions can also be found on Auctionet.