Quantum Pre-Columbian

Experience the thought-provoking works of Ecuadorian artist Daniel Espinosa Ponce at the upcoming exhibition opening on March 4! Join the artist for an inspiring presentation about the exhibition, followed by an intimate guided tour of his captivating artworks. Discover a unique blend of contemporary and traditional art forms from South America, as the artist shares his insights and inspirations. Delve into a stimulating visual journey of emotion, culture, and creativity. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

The exhibition, Quantic Pre-Columbian, uses the aesthetic of archaeological remains from Ecuador and tells stories that can be interpreted from both a rational and a magical perspective. This project aims to recognize the traditional knowledge of Latin American shamans and the connection between their practices and quantum physics. It seeks to demonstrate how the ancient wisdom of the American people is still relevant today, and how it can be used to explain modern theories.