Fall season 2023

📣 Fall Season at Galleri Tapper-Popermajer 🍂

Get ready for an extraordinary lineup of exhibitions this fall at Galleri Tapper-Popermajer! We are thrilled to present four captivating exhibition periods, each showcasing the incredible talent of renowned artists from around the world.

In addition to our main exhibition, we will be showcasing selected works by another incredible artist in a separate room. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to explore the world of art from different perspectives! 🌍

1️⃣ Exhibition Period: Sep 16 – Oct 1 🌟 Karen Chappelow presents her unique and personal interpretation of Swedish culture through stunning paintings. And that’s not all! Explore the mesmerizing large-scale photographs by renowned Australian artist Maree Azzopardi.

2️⃣ Exhibition Period: Oct 7 – Oct 29 ✨ Ilona Popermajer takes center stage with her newly created expressive paintings and drawings in larger formats. Don’t miss the chance to experience the captivating works by Daniel Espinose Ponce from Ecuador in our separate showcase room.

3️⃣ Exhibition Period: Nov 4 – Nov 19 🎨 We welcome back the popular Svante Trottestam from Stockholm, who amazes us once again with his brand-new oil paintings. Will he achieve similar big sales as last year? As a delightful sidekick, we present colorful paintings by Ethiopian artist Zekiros Tekleheimanot, who resides in Stockholm.

4️⃣ Exhibition Period: Nov 25 – Dec 10 🌈 Abstract art enthusiasts, rejoice! Anders Gröön from Gothenburg showcases his large-scale and vibrant paintings that will leave you in awe. And in parallel, we shine a spotlight on the mesmerizing abstract works by the amazing Anda Kubis, all the way from Toronto, Canada.

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