Abstract Painting Kick-Off

Reflecting on the previous two major exhibitions in 2023, we observe that our art buyers, much like hibernating bears, are currently inactive. However, we maintain an optimistic outlook for the upcoming year, as we have an exciting lineup of shows on the horizon! Kicking things off is an exhibition of abstract art, featuring the renowned Anders Gröön from Gothenburg—beloved by many! In addition, we will showcase the works of the highly esteemed artist Anda Kubis from Toronto, Canada, who enjoys a devoted following and collector base. This presentation is sure to captivate our clients in a positive way! Keep an eye out for more details about our spring program, which will be announced at the beginning of February.

For those visiting our physical exhibition spaces, we have simplified the appointment booking process through our gallery website. However, if you prefer, you can still contact us directly to schedule an appointment.

We extend our warmest wishes for a successful new year!