Anders Gröön

Abstract, large-scale, and colourful paintings by an authentic artist working in a consistent style and with a clear vision of his works.

About the artist

The studio of Anders Gröön is located close to Göteborg, the second largest city of Sweden, in a picturesque nature reserve. In this idyllic setting the artist creates abstract compositions on canvas, often in acrylic or oil and in large formats.

There is always balance and harmony in his compositions, although at first glance they can appear very colourful and expansive. Anders Gröön often says that his paintings continue beyond the borders of the canvas and recommends clients not to frame them. The title of his works is always “Untitled” in order not to limit the imagination of the viewer. The artist feels that the perception of the painting by the owner is equally important as his own!

Anders Gröön’s works are available at Artsy!