Daniel Espinosa Ponce

In his work, Daniel Espinosa Ponce strives to generate discourse on the “development models” that are a threat to humanity; models that are often extractivist, paying little attention to essential resources like water, air, and land. He also criticizes individualistic human behaviors that prioritize capital gains for a select few, disregarding the opinion of the majority.

To bring light to these everyday issues, Daniel uses irony and a sense of humor. He aims to move away from suffering and towards positivity and action. As a multidisciplinary artist, painting, sculpture and illustration are his primary tools.

About the artist



Painter / sculptor / art teacher / cultural manager




2005 BA Fine Arts, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

2013 Online Postgraduate Course in City Management and Creative Entrepreneurship,

Universidad Nacional de Córdova, Argentina




2020 “Apachita “, La Minga Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2020 “Step Fragments”, Mediaagua, Quito, Ecuador

2018 “Nocronos”, Consulate General of Ecuador, Miami, USA

2018 “Nocronos “, Cevor Latin American Art Gallery, Miami, USA.

2013 “The Hook of Pisces”, P7Gallery, Quito, Ecuador.

2012 “Opposite Poles” Casa de la Abuela Art Hotel, Baños, Ecuador

2011 “Homolunática” Pentasiete Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2008 ”Opposite Poles” Gallery 39,Caracas, Venezuela.

2006 “Time in Red” Site Center, Quito

2005 “At the Height” Teleférico Quito, Ecuador

2005 “The Craft of Time” Museum of the City, Quito, Ecuador




2022 “From the Millennium to the Millennials “, Art Collecting Sabai. Quito, Ecuador

2022 “Habitus “, La Minga Gallery. Quito, Ecuador

2022 “The King off the Kings “, OFF Gallery. Cuenca, Ecuador

2021 “Paraphernalia “, Casa Merced. Cuenca, Ecuador

2020 “The First “, 4th Edition. Guayaquil, Ecuador.

2019 “Serial 7×7“, Chancellery, San Salvador, El Salvador

2018 “Project TULUM “, Wynwood, Miami, USA.

2018 “Septennium “Pentasiete Gallery, Quito, Ecuador.

2018 “Three Perspectives “Cevor Latin American Art Gallery, Miami, USA

2017 “At Full Volume II “Pentasiete Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2017 “Surviving Nature“, Pentasiete Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2017 “San Violentín“, Pentasiete Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2016 “The Most “Artik Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2016 “At Full Volume I “, Pentasiete Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2016 “The Clothesline “, Pentasiete Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2015 “El Feast “, Pentasiete Gallery, Quito, Ecuador.

2014 “Anti Conceptual Methods “Z Lifestyle Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2013 “Joyous Death”, El Cráter Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2012 “Esse in Motus”, Pentasiete Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2010 “Ecuadorian Renascence in New York”, Queens Museum, New York, USA

2009 “MGA”, Universidad Central of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela




2023 Art Laguna Prize, Special Prize ARS – Sustainability and Art, Venice, Italy

2021 National Sculpture Biennale, Ibarra, Ecuador. (Honorable Mention)

2018 Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, FIAC, Paris, France

2017 Endless, Pentasiete Gallery, Quito, Ecuador

2015 AQ Art Fair QUITO, Quito, Ecuador

2009 MANUEL RENDÓN SEMINARIO Hall, Quito, Ecuador

2008 “In the Middle of the Street”, Caracas, Venezuela

2004 “5th Outdoor Art Festival”, Guayaquil, Ecuador




2021-2022.  Sabai. Director of the art collector project.

Production of permanent exhibitions of accessible contemporary art.

2020-2022. La Minga Gallery. Gallery Director. Quito, Ecuador

Contemporary art exhibitions.

2020-2022. Gallery Circuit. Director. Quito, Ecuador.

Monthly even, a day in which the public visits several galleries in a single day.

2011-2020 Pentasiete Art Studio, Cumbayá, Ecuador.

Founder, director, event manager (120 art exhibitions, 20 concerts, 20 multidisciplinary events, 5 art and entrepreneurship fairs, 10 drink, draw and dance events, 5 puppet shows, 3 sculpture festivals, 1 meeting of painting and 1 college painting award.

2018- 2022 Sculptor collective EN LAS NUBES. Member.

Management of sculpture projects.

2015-2020 EL Santuario Sculpture Workshop. Director

Production of sculptures in vain material sans dimensions,

2013-2020. La Tejedora Creative District. Implementation mentor of first creative district in Ecuador

2014 y 2016. Coordinator of Open Workshops Quito.

Day of visit and commercialization of art in the workshops of the artists.

2011 Blue Riddle, Quito. Scenographer

Theater and dance with young people with disabilities.


Co-director of the artistic collective.

Periodic presentations of painting, music and dance live shows.

2005-2007 ALUCINARTE Art Festival. Producer

School Art Day: music concerts, juggling, dance, theater, live painting, live

sculpture and art exhibition.

2006 “LA BUSCANADA” Quito. Producer and scenographer.

Live dance and painting performance. Ecuadorian House of Culture

2005- 2006 Teleférico de Quito. Director of cultural events.

Permanent presentations of multidisciplinary art events: music, painting, sculpture, theater, dance, puppets, juggling

2005 Experimental Short Film Dr. X

Art director




2022 “The Traveler”, Monumental sculpture for the International Airport in Quito

2021 “The Grandparents”, Monumental sculpture for Eguiguren Ruales Family, Cayambe, Ecuador.

2021 “The Alliance”, Sculpture for the Swiss Embassy in Ecuador.

2021 “Banksy,” Murals for offices of EMERMAX company in Quito

2020 “Pop Portraits”, Several murals for different places for the Latitud 0 Brewery in Quito and Cuenca.

2020 “Ava Gardner”, Mural for the hall of the Unique building in Quito.

2019 “Simonetta Vespucci”, Mural for the entrance of Simonetta Italian food restaurant, Quito

2018 “Mechanic Tree”, Sculpture for law firm Yepez Vaca, Quito

2017 “The Weaver”, Monumental Sculpture for La Tejedora Creative District, Quito

2017 “Logo Avesca” Sculpture for the gardens of the Avesca factory, Quito

Daniel Espinosa Ponce’s works are available at Artsy!