Daniel Espinosa Ponce

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In his artwork, Daniel Espinosa Ponce addresses significant issues concerning the detrimental impact of certain “development models” on humanity. These models often disregard the crucial roles of water, air, and land, prioritizing the enrichment of a select few while disregarding the perspectives of others. Since colonial times in Ecuador and Latin America, these approaches have marginalized indigenous cultures, relegating rich traditions and ancient wisdom to mere folklore. Even communal practices like collective work (mingas) and reciprocal sharing with all living beings (ayni) have become distant memories.

To shed light on these issues, Daniel employs irony and humor in his art. His aim is to shift the focus from negativity to positivity and action. Proficient in painting, sculpture, and illustration, he brings these themes to life in his works.

Through his art, Daniel encourages collectors and buyers to contemplate the impact of development on humanity and the environment. By blending serious messages with humor and hope, his work not only captivates but also serves as a call to action. Investing in art by Daniel Espinosa Ponce means endorsing a movement toward heightened awareness, change, and the preservation of our cultural and natural heritage.

Daniel Ponce, a multifaceted artist with expertise in painting, sculpting, teaching, and cultural management, has achieved significant milestones in his career. He holds a BA in Fine Arts from Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador (2005), and completed an online postgraduate course in City Management and Creative Entrepreneurship at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina (2013).

Ponce has showcased his work in numerous solo exhibitions, including notable shows like “Apachita” at La Minga Gallery, Quito (2020), “Nocronos” at the Consulate General of Ecuador, Miami (2018), and “The Craft of Time” at the Museum of the City, Quito (2005). His collective exhibitions span from “From the Millennium to the Millennials” at Art Collecting Sabai, Quito (2022), to “Ecuadorian Renaissance in New York” at Queens Museum, New York (2010).

He has participated in various festivals, receiving an Honorable Mention at the National Sculpture Biennale in Ibarra, Ecuador (2021), and presented his work at international venues like Art Shopping at Carrousel du Louvre, FIAC, Paris (2018).

In cultural management, Ponce has held several directorial positions: Director of the art collector project at Sabai (2021-2022), Gallery Director at La Minga Gallery (2020-2022), and Founder and Director of Pentasiete Art Studio in Cumbayá, Ecuador (2011-2020), where he organized over 120 art exhibitions. He also served as the Director of El Santuario Sculpture Workshop (2015-2020), producing sculptures of various dimensions.

Ponce’s commissioned works include monumental sculptures like “The Traveler” for the International Airport in Quito (2022) and “The Grandparents” for the Eguiguren Ruales Family in Cayambe, Ecuador (2021), as well as murals for EMERMAX company offices and the Latitud 0 Brewery in Quito and Cuenca (2020-2021).