Elina Titane

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Elina Titane is a remarkable artist from Latvia who specializes in creating exquisite sculptures using various ceramic materials. Her unique aesthetic style is inspired by nature, resulting in an impressive collection of structural and plastic objects that range from delicate miniatures to awe-inspiring large-scale works. Her masterpieces seamlessly intertwine material and expression, evoking intuitive perception and mental insights.

Born in Riga in 1978, Elina Titane studied at the Riga Secondary School for Design and Fine Arts (1998-2002) before obtaining her master’s degree from the Ceramics Department of the Art Academy of Latvia in 2008. She was admitted to the Latvian Artists’ Union in 2007 and has exhibited her work in group shows both domestically and internationally since 2003. To date, she has held more than 20 solo exhibitions across several countries and has participated in numerous ceramic art symposiums and art residencies throughout Europe and Asia.

Elina Titane believes that art is not just an idea or concept but a way to express inspiration through material. Her creative process involves exploring images with joy and creativity, rather than trying to explain them. She enjoys discovering the connections between materials, expression, intuition, and mental insights. Through ceramics, Elina finds motivation and growth as she creates new and unique forms over time. In her work, she strives to capture elusive concepts while maintaining freedom and clarity at its core, creating something truly individual yet universally relatable.