Ilona Popermajer

Ilona Popermajer (b. 1965), a dedicated full-time artist for some 30 years, has a very personal style. Her medium is acrylic on canvas or paper, and the subject matter often concerns emotions, or how people relate to each other.

About the artist

Many of her paintings are complex and partly abstract in character. Clients often discover, with time, previously not found figurative components in these works.

Most paintings are highly expressive and with a lonely and vulnerable undertone. It is difficult to escape the strong and highly personal emotional content of the imagery. Sometimes, however, her works are full of irony, mischief, and playfulness.

Much of Ilona Popermajer´s studio time goes to contemplating her compositions and critically scrutinizing the works. Actual time with brush in hand is therefore often short compared to the time spent thinking about the painting process. This gives freshness and spontaneity to her paintings.

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