Karen Chappelow

Karen Chappelow is a talented artist known for her expressive art that comment on modern society. She draws inspiration from diverse sources, such as history, anthropology, mythology and pop culture, to challenge traditional gender roles and empower women and marginalized communities. Her unique style blends humor with boldness.

About the artist

With over 20 years of experience in sculpting and painting, Karen’s works have gained attention from collectors worldwide. Her exhibitions have been held in Western Australia for many years and she has an exciting schedule for 2023, including solo shows in Sweden and Canberra and an exhibit in Melbourne with Artlovers Australia Gallery.

Karen cites artists such as Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and the Expressionist movement as her main influences. She has exhibited extensively around the world, selling out at Agora Gallery in New York and showcasing her works throughout Europe in galleries such as Monat Gallery in Madrid, Galleria Azur in Berlin , Rossocinabro Gallery in Rome and Art Lovers Australia Gallery in Melbourne. Karen’s talents were featured on “The Block,” a major renovation show appearing on Channel 9, as well as House 1-Living and Dining.

“I like it when I get a physical reaction from people when they view my art.  The whimsy, fun and sometime political nature of life is evident in my work from time to time. The expressionist nature of my work tries to blur the edges of reality and hopefully makes people smile, wonder and to think and create conversation like squeezing a bit of lemon juice into a cut.”

Karen Chappelow’s works are available at Artsy!