Maree Azzopardi

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Maree Azzopardi, a highly acclaimed artist, has made a significant impact in the art world with her work featured in private and public collections in Australia, Italy, Malta, Sweden, and the U.S. Renowned for her collaborations with artists like Cindy Sherman and Marina Abramovic, Azzopardi’s journey is a testament to her global recognition. Her notable achievements include the award-winning Chrysalis series and prestigious journal cover features. Currently represented by galleries in Rome, Katoomba, and Sweden, Azzopardi continues to captivate audiences with her diverse artistic expressions.

Her artistic legacy is enshrined in collections across multiple countries, showcasing the universality of her creative vision. This collaboration with illustrious artists underscores the caliber of Azzopardi’s work and positions her as a leading figure in the contemporary art scene.

From her award-winning Chrysalis series produced during her artist-in-residence at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney to prestigious features on journal covers like ARTnews and Photofile, Azzopardi’s artistic prowess has been consistently recognized and celebrated on a global scale.

The depth and breadth of Azzopardi’s repertoire are exemplified through a diverse range of exhibitions that have captivated audiences worldwide. Her participation in significant showcases such as the 2001 Australian Centenary of Federation celebrations in Malta with the exhibition ‘Celeste’ and further exhibitions in Italy have solidified Azzopardi’s position as a versatile and innovative artist.

Collaborating closely with esteemed curator Jonathan Turner, Azzopardi has co-curated over 16 exhibitions since their partnership began in 1996. Their efforts have showcased the depth and complexity of her creative expressions. Noteworthy solo exhibitions like ‘Invictus’ and ‘Humana Revisited’ have captivated viewers with their exploration of themes encompassing beauty, decay, and spirituality.

In recent years, Azzopardi’s journey has evolved, with her works selected as finalists in prestigious art prizes such as The Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize and The Dobell Drawing Prize. The exhibition ‘#ROADTRIP,’ marking her third solo exhibition with Rex-Livingston Art, signifies a new chapter in her exploration. Represented by esteemed galleries like Galleria Il Ponte Contemporanea in Rome and Rex-Livingston Art & Objects in Katoomba, Maree Azzopardi remains a stalwart presence in the art scene, captivating audiences with her unwavering dedication to innovation that transcends cultural boundaries.