Tuomas Korkalo

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A Journey Through Color and Form

Born in 1978, Tuomas Korkalo is a visionary artist from Rovaniemi, Finland. With a Fine Arts degree from Imatra Art School (2008), Korkalo has been a prominent figure in the Finnish art scene, earning the prestigious Lapland Art Prize in 2021. His art transcends traditional boundaries, employing a diverse array of techniques including drawing, painting, installations, and murals. Korkalo’s abstract works are a playground of color and form, where geometric patterns dance with vibrant hues to create illusions of movement and space. His art invites viewers into a world where balance is both sought and subtly disrupted, engaging the audience in a visual dialogue that is both enchanting and thought-provoking.

Living and working in Rovaniemi, Tuomas Korkalo completed his education at the Imatra Art School’s Fine Arts Department in 2008. Since the turn of the millennium, Korkalo has distinguished himself through his participation in an impressive array of solo and group exhibitions both domestically and internationally. His artworks have found their way into major Finnish art collections, attesting to his significant impact on contemporary art.

In 2021, Korkalo’s contributions to the art world were officially recognized when he was awarded the Lapland Art Prize, a testament to his creative prowess and influence. His artistic practice is characterized by a versatile use of media, encompassing drawing, painting, environmental installations, and more recently, spatial works and large-scale murals. This diversity reflects Korkalo’s exploratory approach to art-making, where traditional boundaries are continuously challenged and redefined.

Korkalo’s abstract paintings are particularly notable for their dynamic interplay of forms and colors. He describes his process as a blend of play and problem-solving, where each element on the canvas demands a counterpart to achieve harmony. Yet, it is the deliberate disruption of this balance that injects life into his works. Through recurring geometric patterns and compositions, Korkalo crafts illusions of movement and depth on flat surfaces, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in his vibrant landscapes.

His work is a thoughtful exploration of color and light properties, drawing upon color theory and art historical influences to create scenes brimming with unreal coincidences and absurd narratives. These elements coalesce to forge captivating spatial experiences that transcend the confines of time and place.

As Tuomas Korkalo continues to push the boundaries of abstract art, his creations remain a source of fascination and inspiration. His ability to blend technique, theory, and imagination ensures that each piece is not just seen but truly experienced. Through his art, Korkalo invites us into a realm where the impossible becomes tangible, challenging us to see beyond the visible world into one rich with color, form, and endless possibilities.