Vineta Kaulača

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A Visionary of Time and Perception

Vineta Kaulača, a distinguished Latvian artist born in 1971, delves into the nuanced realms of perception, memory, and the ephemeral nature of time through her multifaceted art. Holding an MA from the Art Academy of Latvia and enriched by global educational experiences, including studies at Humboldt State University and Berlin University of the Arts, Kaulača’s artistic journey is marked by over twenty solo exhibitions across Europe and the US. Her work, celebrated for capturing the delicate interplay between remembering and oblivion, explores the invisible dimensions of time and space via painting, photography, and installation. Recognized by nominations for the prestigious Purvītis Prize and acclaimed in international circles with a residency from the Irish Museum of Modern Art among others, her art resides in eminent collections worldwide. Through her creations, Kaulača invites us into a profound dialogue with our perceptions, challenging us to see beyond the visible.

Kaulača’s artistic statement serves as a testament to her intellectual curiosity and emotional engagement with her subjects. She seeks to unravel the ambiguity and relativity inherent in human perception, focusing on how we construct our understanding of the world through fragmented images influenced by our emotional ties and intellectual encounters. This exploration extends to the invisible dimensions of time and space, which she skillfully delineates through movement, change, and distance.

Furthermore, Kaulača has actively contributed to the dialogue of contemporary art through numerous group exhibitions like “(un)determined” at the 17th International Vilnius Painting Triennial and “Forces” at Art Number 23 Gallery in London. Her significant achievements include winning the juried competition Centre-Periphery organized by Federculture Italia and receiving multiple residencies and awards from institutions such as the Arts Council England’s International Fellowship.

Her works are held in high esteem within prominent public collections globally, including the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Art in Embassies US Department of State collection, and the European Parliament collection. Through her evocative creations, Kaulača challenges viewers to confront their perceptions and engage with the continuum of time in unexpected ways.